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Alviron Organics invented an absolutely new concept of nutrient management in paddy cultivation through “KING ORYZA”. This product contains specific blend of organic and micronutrient based blend that provides a complete care of paddy during all stages. It provides combination of fast releasing and slow releasing nutrients that stay in the field for entire cultivation. The application of “KING ORYZA” is very simple and can be adopted for any type of cultivation.

• Helps to get better foliar growth
• Helps to get better tillering
• Better leaf structure and more area coverage
• Better photosynthesis to produce more food for the plant
• Helps to get more number of grain per plant
• Helps to increase size and strength of the grain
• Reduce broken number during de-hasking and polishing
• Helps to get natural immunity against common diseases
• Improves soil texture for future crop cycle