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“ReBooster” is a unique blend of highly concentrated Organic nutrients and Bioactive ingredients that helps to flower and fruit setting. This nanotechnology based and advanced nutritional balanced formulation helps plants to get correct amount of support to hold maximum flowering and fruiting that directly increases yield and quality of final produce. ReBooster increases shelf life and shining of the vegetables and fruits naturally when applied during flowering and fruiting.

• Helps to increase flowering of the plant and prevent premature dropping
• Helps to maintain proper fruit structure and prevent premature dropping
• Helps to increases number of flower buds and increase pollination rate
• Helps to increases nectar and pollen formation to ensure better fruit setting
• Helps to synthesis more pigments and active molecules that increases appearance and taste
• Helps in early maturity of the fruits and vegetables to increase marketability
• May give plants internal strength to fight against common disease
• May protects plants from biotic and abiotic stress
• Increases yield and quality of the crop
• Specially designed for all types of fruit plants, vegetables and other crops
• Can be used in modern agro practice