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“SoilMate” is a unique blend of highly concentrated Organic nutrients and Bioactive ingredients that helps to improve soil fertility and early root development of the plant. This nanotechnology based and advanced nutritional balanced formulation helps plants to get correct amount of support to hold maximum rooting and tuber or bulb formation that directly increases yield and quality of final produce. Soil Mate increases nutrient uptake of the plant which improves overall health, immunity and strength during early stage of maturity.

• Helps to increase root formation during early stage of plantation
• Helps to maintain proper root structure and prevent root drying or damage
• Helps to increases number of side roots and length of the root to increase nutrient uptake
• Helps to increases tuber size and number
• Helps to increase shoot length and thickness
• Helps in early maturity of the plant and prevents nutrient deficiency
• Improves soil fertility, texture, permeability, oxygen level, pH balance, water holding capacity
• Increases beneficial microbial activity and nutrient movement in the soil
• Increases yield and quality of the crop
• Specially designed for all types of Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers plants
• Can be used in modern agro practices