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“SupreeMo” is a unique blend of highly concentrated organic nutrients and Bioactive ingredients that stimulates foliar growth of the plant during exponential growth phase. In this phase of growth, plants synthesis vital molecule inside its body and stores maximum energy that they convert and utilize during flowering, fruiting, grain or tuber formation. To prevent nutritional deficiency, SupreeMo contains all essential nutrients and molecules that ensure faster maturity, build immunity against diseases and better energy harvesting in form of Glucose. High compatibility of this product ensures mixing with all other agro inputs.

• Helps to increase vegetative growth of the plant
• Helps to maintain proper leaf structure
• Helps to increases number of side shoots
• Helps to increases number of tillering
• Helps to synthesis more Chlorophyll and Glucose content increases
• Helps in early maturity of the plant and increase marketability
• May give plants internal strength to fight against common disease
• May protects plants from biotic and abiotic stress
• Increases yield and quality of the crop
• Specially designed for all types of leafy vegetables and other crops
• Can be used in modern agro practice