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“Ultra Cane” is a unique blend of highly concentrated organic nutrients for very satisfactory growth in Sugarcane and other similar crop cultivation. This product contents all essential micro elements in organic form, botanical extracts for balanced nutrient management for the fast growing and nutrient demanding crops. It also contain plant derived essential and non essential amino acids with naturally found plant hormones and phyto bio-active elements which ensures naturally accelerated robust growth and strengthening of the plant to protect from various common stress and diseases

Specialized formula for Sugarcane

• Helps to increase Vegetative growth of the plant
• Helps to maintain proper leaf structure
• Helps to increases number of side shoots
• Helps to increases number of tillering
• Helps to synthesis more Chlorophyll & sugar content increases
• Helps in early maturity of the plant
• May give plants immunity to fight against common disease
• May protects plants from biotic and abiotic stress
• Increases yield and quality of the crop
• Specially designed for Sugarcane