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About Us


Better Farming For Better India..

Farming is foundation of every Nation and access of nutrition, shelter and cloths are basic needs and rights for every human being. India is a growing nation and demands of good quality, nutrition rich food is increasing constantly. To maintain good farming practice in all sectors like Dairy, Cattle farming, Modern Agriculture, Poultry, Goatery, Piggery, Fisheries/Aquaculture and other animal husbandries, ensures food safety and nutritional fulfilment of high demanding breeds, nutrient/feed supplementation with various herbal and purified molecular combination is necessary. High performing crops, birds, animals and fishes needs extra nutritional support and proper management to give best yield and produce. With proper nutrient management, these ventures resulting more profitable and sustainable to the farmers. Farmers are constantly being targeted adversely by various factors and misguided by many, that leads to financial loss, lack of interest of doing advance cultivation and farming practice. To overcome this crisis, we at ALVIRON ORGANICS constantly working to bring new Processing units, technology enriched formulation and advance innovative practice to ensures growth, success, sustainability, betterment and happy life of everyone connected to us.


Our Official formation took place in 2018 and concept building since 2005.

Our advance technology ensures satisfactory results on every crop for every season.

Our product R&D is based upon ancient, more than 500 years old indigenous technology which is being modernised by German collaboration.

We provide 100% organic solutions in all our toxin free products which can solve almost all issues of disease free and high yield farming in every crop cycle.

We have spread our experience and knowledge among tens and thousands of farmers to practice modern method of cultivation and bring happiness in their life.

With our advance technological background, we have successfully replaced and substitutes conventional chemical fertilizers in terms of Yield, Quality, Cost of farming and Protection.

Our presence is in multiple states of India and across Globe.

Production capacity as on 2021 is 500 ton/month.

Always working on 100% Natural & Organic Agricultural solutions, Human nutrition, Animal nutrition.

We are pledged to work towards environment friendly and sustainable farming culture to enrich soil fertility for future generation of farmers and all mankind.